Patrick Robles – Owner

Mucho Gusto Media – MGM

Many small-businesses rely on “Word of Mouth Marketing” or they rely on that old saying “the Product Speaks for itself.” But times are changing and so are the methods of Marketing. After helping multiple friends with their businesses, I have noticed a need for assisting smaller business with their Graphic Design and their Presence in the Digital World. I have been a Production Designer as well as a Production Manager so I know how to take things from scratch and create a product. I Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in the Graphic Communication Department, emphasizing Graphics for Packaging, Bachelor of Science. And, after working for a Surf School, I have learned how to apply my skills to Video and Editing. Mucho Gusto Media was once just a Graphic Design company, but now we are meeting the needs of more. From Producing Short Informative videos to Drones to Water Photography, We do it all. Contact us today for more information

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