Grab a Trits

Cookies, Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup. Pop open a Trits and you will find yourself in an Ice Cream Sandwich Heaven. Feast your eyes on a cookie, the top layer of the ice cream sandwich. Below that cookie is a center layer of Ice Cream swirled with Chocolate Syrup and below that center layer you will find another Cookie.

How to get your hands on a Trits

Get Your Butt to Costa Rica if you want to get your hands on a Trits. There might be a couple of Distributors here or there but we haven’t been able to find any 100% Guaranteed way to get your hands on a Trits outside of Costa Rica.

How to Open a Trits

by @corkycarrollssurfschool (click here for Corky Carroll’s Surf School)

1. Present the Trits
First take a look at your Trits and if you have a photographer documenting the moment, go ahead and present the delectable Trits.

2. Thumb the Bottom with Lid
Use your thumb and press on the bottom of the Trits container. When you flip the container over, you will notice a button. Push the bottom with your thumb to loosen up the Trits form its container.

3. Tap or Slap the Trits with Lid
Sometimes solely pushing on the button on the bottom of the Trits does not apply enough force to loosen the Trits from its container. If this is the case, it maybe necessary to Tap or Slap the Trits.

4. Apply Pressure without Lid
Remove the lid and flip the container over with your Trits still in it. Remember to support your Trits while container is upside down without lid. Apply pressure to button on the bottom of Trits container while supporting the delectable with your other hand. This should Loosen up your Trits to the point to free it from its container.

5. Great Success & Enjoy
At this point your Trits will be free of its captive container. No longer will it be stuck just out of your grasp and unable to be enjoyed. Take a bite and Enjoy two cookies, ice cream and Chocolate syrup in every bite. Enjoy

Check out the Trits Slide-Show

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