How to Hire a Drone Pilot or Photographer

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I bet you have wanted to get some sweet aerial footage of yourself on your latest surf trip. However, sometimes finding a reliable Drone Pilot and also Drone Footage Editor can be hard to come by. Here’s a couple tips on how to connect with a Drone Pilot and Drone Footage Editor while on vacation or traveling abroad.

6 Tips for Connecting with a Drone Pilot

  • If you see someone at the beach, at a river, or in an open field and it looks like they are flying a drone, go up and talk to them. Most people who fly drones are doing it for fun and don’t mind talking about the drone. Some are actually flying their drones for a job and you have just found your drone pilot.
  • Contact Mucho Gusto Media and they can help you find a Drone Pilot that fits your needs. We also can connect you with Drone Video Editors to help you create the Aerial Videos you want.
  • Simply type into a Google Search, the name of the Country, Province or Town that you are in and also drone pilot for hire.
  • Log into Facebook and search the businesses in the town you are in. Within that search you may find a drone pilot or drone editing services.
  • For Instagram, simply search hashtags for drones and also drone pilots. Also search the town your are in and if you come across some drone videos you like, simply contact the owner of the videos and talk with them to locate a drone pilot.
  • Simply go to Youtube and search the town you are visiting and also search for drone or drone pilots. This should aggregate a list of videos and from there you can ask the owners o the video who their drone pilot was.

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