Creating a DIY Surf Video

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In Water Photography and Videography can be a lot of fun and to get the right shot you got to know where to be. We use our knowledge of the surf, the beach and the swell to find the best spots for the perfect shot. A good Water Photographer is usually a Waterman/Woman which means they understand the aquatic environment in which they are working. Heres a couple pointers on how to set up for a good shot in sandy bottom beach break conditions.

5 Tips for Sandy Bottom Beach Break Photography

  • Tides are a big variable when it comes to getting a great shot. When photographing sandy bottom beaches it is good to find out from locals, or those in the know, which swells break better at which tides.
  • Watch the Ocean for 15 minutes and try to recognize consistencies. Different Swells hitting at different frequencies at different angles can create waves for days. If you watch these waves for long enough, you might pick up on some consistencies and be able to Predict / Anticipate where the the sand bars will be shifting to and where the waves will be.
  • Be comfortable Predicting / Anticipating where the wave will be breaking and position yourself accordingly. Occasionally this will place you directly infront of your subject. Remember to get the shot but to also get out of the way.
  • When Surfing and Filming at the same time, a nice steady shot always looks the best. if you are sitting on your surfboard, just remain sitting there and don’t shake the camera while staying out of the way. If you are up and surfing try to keep your hand steady. do you best to capture your subject while not impeding on the action.
  • Charge Batteries and Have Memory Card, this is a must. It happens all the time. don’t be that person that forgets.

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