Drone Flight Preparation


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Getting a “Great Shot” or getting an “Awesome Video” isn’t always guaranteed. This can take the feeling of control away from a photographer or filmmaker. But as the photographer or filmmaker, you are responsible for being in the right position for getting the right shot. Many factors are involved here and they all work together to create either a “Great Shot” or just missing that great shot. Some of these factors are your environment and some are your camera, drone, batteries, etc. Here are 5 Quick Tips for Flight Preparation

5 Tips for Drone Flight Preparation

  • Hire a Drone Pilot that knows how to surf. A Drone Pilot can be the best at what they do, but if they don’t know how to surf, they won’t know how to set up for a shot. This applies for all Sports/Activities as well.
  • Calibration and Preflight Check are a must. Calibrating the compass is essential for safety. Also, don’t forget to check the batteries and also that the propellers are correctly installed.
  • Hover in place for a few minutes. This will allow the drone to work out any last minutes kinks that may arise in the programming.
  • Check the Weather for any irregularities. Things that can be devastating to your ability to capture the perfect shot can be: Weather, Conditions, Time of Day.
  • Be Responsible for all your activities and beionging. Pack it In and Pack it Out. Also, be respectful of where you are and who is there. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to enjoy the place where you are filming.

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