3 Flight Maneuvers for Drone Videos

While flying a drone you will encounter all sorts of beautiful landscapes. Here at Mucho Gusto Media, most of the work we do is along the coastline. Filming surfers, waves and also wildlife creates a lot of flight time with lots of footage. Most of the footage can be considered “B-Roll” which is basically filler clips for cutting between your main clips. For example: when you are filming a surfer or a group of surfers, in-between sets or groups of waves there is a lot of time to practice different Maneuvers for creating your “B-Roll“. Here are 3 good flight Maneuvers you can practice:

  1. The Overlook
the “Overlook” shot

What is the “Overlook” shot?

The “Overlook” shot is a great way to draw your audience into a big scene or moment. It starts with a wide shot and then finishes focused on the subject while over it.

How to take an “Overlook” shot?

Begin by flying the aircraft towards your subject. As you approach your subject, begin to tilt the gimbal down ward over your subject. This creates an”Overlook.”

2. The Dronie

the “Dronie” shot

What is the “Dronie” shot?

The “Dronie” is a classic drone shot that keeps your subject in the center of the frame while broadening the perspective. It has a strong visual impact that is great for transition scenes in your footage.

How to take a “Dronie” shot?

To shoot a “Dronie” video, you need to fly the drone backward and upward at the same time. While the drone is climbing you will tilt the gimbal down ward so the subject stays in the center of the frame.

3. The Circle

the “Circle” shot

What is the “Circle” shot?

The “Circle” shot is quite a simple maneuver that juxtaposes features of the environment. Fly the drone around a certain point or object to reveal the subject from all angles.

How to take a “Circle” shot?

Push both joysticks outward at the same time to circle clockwise. Push both joysticks inward to make the drone circle counterclockwise. Try to keep the right angles for a perfect circle.

Check Out Our Youtube Video Below

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