Hire a Drone Pilot

– 4 Tips to Hire a Drone Pilot –

The best way to enjoy surfing without actually surfing is hands down from the view of a Drone. Get a better angle on how the wave shapes up and also how to change lines or even see waves differently in the future. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself a Quality Drone Pilot.

1. Make Sure your Drone Pilot is Certified

Drone Pilot Certificate
This is a Drone Pilot Certificate – AKA a “Drone Pilot Liscense”

What is a Certified Drone Pilot?

The FAA requires that all Drone Pilots must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate – AKA – a “Drone Pilot License” if they would like to fly drones for hire. This Certificate must be presented to Federal Officers or Local Law Enforcement if asked to provide it. It is officially called a Certificate, however, it comes in the form of a card the size of a credit card.

Why is a Remote Pilot Certification important?

This Certification is important because it makes clear that whomever owns the Certificate knows all local laws, has clearance with the FAA to fly a Drone, knows all local flight zones and is insured and recognized by a Federal Agency to be working. If a Drone Pilot can not provide an Official Certificate to Law Enforcement on site, the entire shoot will be shut down and fines will be given out to all parties.

Book a Private Drone Session

Mucho Gust Media Drone Pilots are Certified and Insured.
Want to book a Private Drone session for yourself or for a group?
Contact Mucho Gusto Media: info@muchogustomedia.com

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2. Does the Drone Pilot Know about Surfing?

picture of the drone pilot
Owner and Drone Pilot of Mucho Gusto Media Patrick Robles

What is there to know about Surfing?

It helps if the Drone Pilot knows how to surf and can read waves. Anticipation of things that are about to happen is crucial in a sport like surfing. All of our Drone Pilots have been filming surfing their whole lives. They don’t miss any of the action.

Why is Anticipation important?

Anticipation is important in all sports and in life, especially when filming with a Drone. The Surfer, which is the subject, is constantly moving on a wave which is also constantly moving. The Drone is not fixed to a tripod so it is moving as well. The Drone Pilot must anticipate when waves are coming, where they will be coming from and where they will be going. Also, the Drone Pilot must fly at the same speed at which the wave is breaking and try to keep both the wave and the surfer in the frame.

Book a Private Drone Session

Want to book a Private Drone session for yourself or for a group?
Contact Mucho Gusto Media: info@muchogustomedia.com

3. Ask about Equipment, Editing and File Sharing

Mavik Air 2
the Mavik Air 2 by DJI is one of the many Drones at Mucho Gusto Media
Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro
Mucho Gusto Media utilizes Adobe Premiere Pro for all edits

What is Equipment, Editing and File Sharing?

It’s always nice to know what Size and Brand of Drone will be used for each specific job. Try to find out if the company you hire does editing and what type of software they use. Lastly, ask questions about how the company plans on sharing your video files so you get your videos in a timely fashion. Don’t get Overcharged and don’t Overpay for Equipment and Services you didn’t ask for and don’t need.

Why is this information important?

You never want to get overcharged. Asking questions is the best way to avoid an overcharge. Most companies will upsell their bigger drones for activities that can be captured with a smaller drone like the Mavik Air 2 or the DJI Phantom 3. Also, find out how your files will be shared with you. Dropbox and Google Drive are good sources to start with. External hard drives, memory cards and flash drives work well also for transferring files.

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Mucho Gust Media is here to please. We’ll make file sharing simple for you.
Want to book a Private Drone session for yourself or for a group?
Contact Mucho Gusto Media: info@muchogustomedia.com

4. Do some research on your Drone Pilot and Company

Mucho Gusto Media Home Page
Mucho Gusto Media home page

How do I research a Drone Pilot and Company

When researching a Drone Pilot or Drone Company, first check their company Website. On most websites there will be a Portfolio page or Past Clients page. This will show you exactly what their “Goods and or Services” are and how they are delivered. Checking Social Media pages like Facebook and Instagram can give you a good feel for how a company will interact with their clients. Customer FeedBack will tell you alot about the relationship between a Drone Company and their clients. Websites like Uporks , Linkedin , and Yelp can help you with some customer feedback history.

Book a Private Drone Session.

Want to book a Private Drone session for yourself or for a group?
Contact Mucho Gusto Media: info@muchogustomedia.com

Check Out Our Latest Youtube Video

Mucho Gusto Media’s Lastest Job: We filmed a couple of surfers out at Bolsa Chica State Beach in the Beautiful State of Clifornia. It was a beautiful September morning and the beach didn’t disappoint. We were hired for an hour long shoot for 2 surfers. The conditions were nice; slight wind, waist to chest high waves, clear visibility and great shape to the waves. Our Mucho Gusto Media Drone Pilot flew a Mavic Air 2 by DJI. We then used Adobe Premiere Pro to cut and edit the film.
The Surfers:
Ian Hurst (0:001:56)
Parker Russell (1:573:43)
The Song
“Stomping Eyes” by Preloaded Spoon.

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